Facebook 廣告 vs Google AdWords: 應該選擇哪一個?

相信對於不少有意在網上刊登廣告的人來說,Facebook ads 及 Google Adwords 並不陌生,畢竟它們可算是網絡上的兩大龍頭。其實兩者均可以讓您有機會接觸到上以億計的人,然而,它們在廣告服務方面實際上各有特色。那麼您應該選擇在哪一個平台上賣廣告呢?

以下所顯示的圖表列明了 Facebook 廣告及 Google AdWords 在各方面的差異。在這篇文章,我們將會對兩者於各方面進行分析,希望能幫助您選擇出最適合您的廣告投放平台。您也可以免費下載我們特意為香港中小企而設的 Facebook 廣告 E-book 了解更多有關於 Facebook 廣告的貼士跟資源。


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Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords: where to place your next ad?

For anyone who is considering to run ads, Facebook ads and Google AdWords should come to their mind immediately as they are undoubtedly the two most prominent internet giants out there. Both Facebook ads and Google AdWords can help you reach hundreds of millions of users. However, they are completely unique and different. So, which one should you use for your next ad campaign?

In this article, we will give you a full breakdown of the differences between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Also, have a look at our handy infographic here below, part of our Ebook “The Facebook Advertising Guide for Hong Kong SMEs”.

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