Clickful Platform Pre-Launch Checklist

You are now about to start your first Facebook Ads campaign using our platform for Facebook & Instagram advertising, welcome to this quick “Pre-Launch Checklist”!

To help you better understand how the process works, here are 4 elements for you to check:

1. Payment Method

Have you set up a payment method on your Facebook Ads Account? This allows you to pay Facebook directly for your ads. Set it up here.

2. Facebook Page Setup

Does your Facebook Page have the right name and cover photo? Is it published and accessible by the public? Set it up here.

3. Your company’s logo

If you plan on including your logo in your banners, make sure it’s in SVG or PNG format so that it will look great on your banners.

4. Photos

You’ll need at least 2 photos (product, model, background, etc.) ready for creating your banners.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help. Email us at