Weekly Facebook/Instagram News Report – 20180504

Here is your Weekly Facebook/Instagram News Report. Read on our blog every Friday the latest advertising-focused news from Facebook & Instagram.


Hello and welcome to this first news report of May 2018, today we will cover the news around one interesting question: how can Facebook expand its ads even more? At the annual F8 conference, held on May 1st & 2nd, Facebook announced new product developments including a dating app, ads on WhatsApp, and AR on Messenger. Happy reading!


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CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES – WHO’s Aromist, E-commerce launch.

Client: WHO’s Aromist – whosaromist.net 
Industry: Health

Objective: E-commerce traffic


Who’s Aromist is a Hong Kong business success story since 1995 with a wide range of Aromatherapy products under its own label: oils, essential oils, diffusers, and massage services. The firm has been an e-commerce believer since early 2000 but realized that over the last couple of years, platforms like Yahoo or eBay were not as effective as before. This is why in 2017, founder Wilson Ho decided to take one step forward by opening Who’s own e-commerce store. Getting Clickful’s expertise in Facebook Ads in Hong Kongand using the technology of our friends at Shopline, we were able to kick-start this new endeavor within a month!

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FACEBOOK ADS BASICS – Targeting for SMEs (3/8)

This is the third issue of our educational series on Facebook marketing for small businesses, in which we will cover targeting.

Targeting is crucial and has to be handled carefully to avoid waste of budget! With almost 2 billion users in the world, Facebook targeting can be broad. Unless you have the budget of a large company (e.g. Coca-Cola, Nike), you will not be able to reach them all.
You’ll find useful tips for Facebook targeting in the 3 following sections:

  • Basic targeting
  • Interest targeting
  • Audience size.

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FACEBOOK ADS BASICS – Ad Formats for SMEs (2/8)

In this second segment of our educational series on Facebook marketing for small businesses, we will cover the best Ad Formats to use for SMEs.

No website? No problem! Since Facebook understands how diverse the SME landscape is as far as business-type and digital savviness, they provide several types of ad formats to support different objectives. This includes Facebook Ads for businesses without a website, for physical store foot-traffic growth or for leads generation directly on Facebook, among others. We will cover the most interesting ones, starting with the standard Ad format.

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Client: Wah King – wahking-garden.com
Industry: Retail
Objective: brand awareness, leads.


WahKing_logo_201407_cs4-02Wah King is an early customer of Designjar and they are the first to use our premium services.


The chance to work closely with Wah King for more than 3 months has been a terrific learning experience for both our team and the customer. We expanded the campaign to achieve several core needs of their business. This includes leads, the expansion of the fan base on Facebook and the need to support the launch of a new product line in Hong Kong – Polarmoss.

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