FacebookAd101 – What is an Objective?

Everything starts with a “why”, deciding the objective of your ad should be the first thing to tackle when you are doing a Facebook ad. Why do you want to promote your product? What do you want people to do after seeing your ad?

Do you want them to like and share the ad with friends? Do you want them to click on the ad to visit your website? Or do you want to get more people see your ad and recognise your brand?

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Facebook廣告101: 甚麼是廣告目標?

漫無目的地在Facebook賣廣告,其實與倒錢落海無異。在開始刊登Facebook廣告前,您首先需要問問自己:為甚麼您需要刊登Facebook廣告?刊登廣告的目標是甚麼? 您希望用家看到您的廣告後做甚麼?



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Facebook廣告無難度! - Clickful

今天我們正式推出Clickful, 一個一站式的平台助您建立丶管理丶監察及優化您的Facebook及Instagram廣告!


Clickful 的6個特點助中小企老闆輕鬆於Facebook及Instagram刊登廣告

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Finally, Facebook Ads made easy – Clickful

Earlier today we officially launched Clickful, a one-stop platform to create, manage, track, and optimise your Facebook & Instagram ads all in one place!

Clickful is on a mission to help optimise your Facebook and Instagram advertising. We created this data-driven platform to help you create and manage all of your ads fast, easy and more cost-effectively.


Here are the six reasons why you should use Clickful:

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Facebook/Instagram每週新聞 - 20180405



自劍橋分析(Cambridge Analytica)的醜聞後,Facebook正在對Faecbook廣告中「自訂廣告受眾」有關的權限進行改進,同時移除使用第三方數據以設定目標受眾群的權利。另外,Facebook於其Messenger 手機應用程式中推出360 度全景照片及高清影片功能以提升用戶於分享資訊方面的使用體驗。

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Weekly Facebook/Instagram News Report – 20180405

Introducing from today onward, the Weekly Facebook/Instagram News Report. Read on our blog every Friday the latest advertising-focused news from Facebook & Instagram.


After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is working on a revamp of the custom audiences permissions, as well as removing the third-party data targeting capabilities. Facebook also released an enhanced media sharing experience in the Messenger App with 360 degrees photos and HD videos! 

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TEAM – Xavier, Chief Marketing Officer

Designjar is welcoming a new member in the team, Xavier Schillinger, who will be our Chief Marketing Officer.


10368366_759465990771973_3835882429087012739_oXavier specializes in online traffic acquisition and online performance.
Prior to Designjar, he was based in San Diego where he was Campaign Manager at Awlogy, a media tech company, managing half-million dollar media campaigns mixing all paid online media – social ads, search, display, native and video. He has also worked in Paris as Media & Performance Department Manager for SAME SAME but Different – a digital marketing agency for luxury brands.
Xavier graduated from ESG School, Paris in Digital Marketing and has also studied Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Los Angeles.

With an extensive multi-cultural background, he is a natural go-getter and has a top-notch digital marketing experience.

He is ready to push Designjar to the next level! He will help our customers to get the best out of their Facebook Ads campaigns, as well as helping us to develop the best product using his knowledge of social advertising platforms.

Facebook Ads banner for SIMSIM


Client: simsimhk.com
Industry: travel, e-commerce, wireless
Objective: site traffic, online sales



logoSIMSIM is a historical client for Designjar, with whom we are sharing a common path to success.
The first phase of this campaign started as early as November 2016, and 6 months later we are able to achieve 35% increase in CTR and 100% increase in conversions.
The original “pure awareness” campaign is today a full campaign set up in 2 languages, promoting multiple offers and using the Facebook Ads retargeting capabilities!


+ 35% Click-Thru-Rate increase since campaign launch.

+ 100% Conversions increase since campaign launch.

2.9% Click-Thru-Rate in March 2017, more than 4x Facebook CTR industry average

Designjar Facebook Ads banner creation for SIMSIM.


“Designjar has become a long term partner of ours as they have consistently delivered quality performance for our campaigns.” – Monica Yeung, Founder.

Download this customer success story from Designjar 2017 brochure.

Contact us at team@designjar.com to get your Facebook Ads in Asia with Designjar.


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