Weekly Facebook/Instagram News Recap – 20180511

Here is your Weekly Facebook/Instagram News Recap. Read on our blog every Friday and stay up-to-date with the latest advertising-focused news from Facebook & Instagram.


Instagram pushed out updates on its inbox feature for business pages, secretly developing a new feature to encourage more e-commerce business owners join the Instagram family. And Facebook is pushing out more features to attract Facebook Live creators! 


#1: Instagram updates its Inbox for business profiles

If you are running a business account on Instagram, you might already know that some of the messages from users will appear in the “pending” folder and you will not get a notification. That’s because you do not follow the sender on Instagram. While this feature might be useful for regular Instagram users, for businesses it might mean missing out on business opportunities.

Screenshot_2018-05-10-12-32-21-771_com.instagram.androidInstagram has just updated the inbox options for business page users. According to Susan Buckner Rose, director of monetization product marketing at Instagram, the new messaging system will filter message for business page user, messages from new customers will rise to the top to allow for easier and faster communication.


Moreover, Instagram will add “Action Buttons” for business pages to incentivise action. Similar to the call-to-action buttons on Facebook Pages, the “Action Button” will allow Instagram users to order, get tickets and more without having to leave Instagram.

#2:  Facebook adds new features to Facebook Live

Facebook announced that live video publishers will be able to cross-share their video across multiple Pages at once, which allows for higher content reach. Let’s say you have more than one Page on Facebook, with the new feature, you can publish your live video in all these pages at the same time, so your video can reach more audience. Also, Facebook Live will now support the rewind feature, so that live video viewers can re-watch or catch up on video content they have missed.

With all these new features, will you consider using Facebook Live to engage with Facebook users?

#3: Instagram to add in-app payment method to support businesses

Instagram has pushed out “shopping tags” in photos to boost in-app product discovery and is slowly rolling it out to more businesses. Instagram is expanding on its features to encourage more e-commerce businesses to use Instagram to scale their business.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-11 at 10.07.55 AM
Instagram’s “Shopping Tag” feature

According to Techcrunch, Instagram has secretly added a native payment feature to some of its app users in the US, allowing them to register a debit or credit card, set up security pin and finish product purchasing in-app.

This new feature would offer a smooth purchasing experience for Instagram users and businesses can get a higher conversion rate and reduce drop-outs during the checkout.

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