Finally, Facebook Ads made easy – Clickful

Earlier today we officially launched Clickful, a one-stop platform to create, manage, track, and optimise your Facebook & Instagram ads all in one place!

Clickful is on a mission to help optimise your Facebook and Instagram advertising. We created this data-driven platform to help you create and manage all of your ads fast, easy and more cost-effectively.


Here are the six reasons why you should use Clickful:

1. Easy ad creation flow, create your ads in minutes

Create eye-catching ads and show them to people that are valuable to your business in 8 steps. From creating tastefully designed visuals and ad copies that hit the heart of your audience, to setting up the target audience and budget for your ads, our unique flow is designed to help you finish the ad creation all in one place.

2. 60+ ad banner templates, create gorgeous visuals without a designer

Create compelling ad banners with ease using 60+ professionally designed templates available in Clickful’s platform. We understand that making ad banners from scratch can be quite a painstaking process, this is why we provide dozens of templates beautifully crafted by designer and marketing experts.

3. 100+ pre-made audiences, target your ads to people who matter

Stop wasting money showing your ads to people that are irrelevant to your business. Ads on Facebook only work when you target the right audience.  With over 100 pre-made audiences in our library, we help show your ads to the right potential customers.

4. Smart budget recommendation, use your marketing budget to its full potential

Get the most out of your ads by allocating a suitable budget. Paying to advertise for your product can feel like gambling – how do you know exactly how much to spend to get the best results? However, it does not have to be guesswork.  Depending on your objective, length of your campaign, and your target audiences, the Clickful system will come up with recommended budgets for you.

5. Clear dashboard, understand your ads performance in one glimpse

Get all key metrics that matter to your business all in one simple layout. Dealing with Facebook Ads Manager can be quite time-consuming and confusing: we save you the need to deal with excel sheets or tables. Our dashboard gives you a clear view of how your ads perform with just one glance.

6. Automated ad optimisation, optimise your ads performance without a click

Optimise your ad performance and relocate your ad budget automatically with Clickful. Our proprietary algorithm helps adjust ad budget to help you save money on underperforming ads so you can focus your resources on what works best for your business.

Like what you are reading? Start a 14-day free trial with us today to see these amazing features in action. Sign up here for a free trial:

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