CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES – dokiWatch, worldwide awareness campaign.

Client: Doki Technologies –
Industry: Technology

Objective: Worldwide awareness


Doki came to us with the need to scale their Facebook Advertising efforts, the smart way. We’ve designed multiple ad banners, ad copies (in English and Chinese), audience segments (core and side), and objectives. We ran the campaign with an e-commerce traffic focus, as well as with a drive-to-store portion to push website visitors to experience the smartwatch in Doki’s retailers.

Exploring multiple markets, audiences, and creatives lead us to insightful results that will help to drive the company’s overseas strategy. We discovered countries with potential by comparing the invested amount with sales generated, we got to know what type of image performs best (product image vs model image), and we validated Doki’s core audience (Facebook demo “parents”) to expand it to more countries.



429,000+ people reached in 6 countries.
29,000+ people taking action on the ads (click, like, share, etc…)
67,000+ pages viewed on the website with a bounce rate at only 4%!

Clickful Facebook Ads banner creation for dokiWatch.


The Clickful Team pushed us to the next stage in our Facebook Ads strategy. We found their expertise and their e-commerce focus highly valuable.

Discover more Facebook success stories by Clickful.

Contact us at to get your Facebook Ads in Asia with our expertise! Discover the world’s most advanced smartwatch for kids at

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