FACEBOOK TOP 5 TIPS – Creatives: banners, videos & ad copies

On 18 December 2017, we organised our third Facebook Advertising Workshop at Uptown coworking space. The goal of the workshop was to provide tips on performing better audience targeting and guidelines creating effective ad banners and ad copies.


Here are our 5 tips for better Facebook creatives:

  1. Keep the ad text no longer than 2 sentences and headline no longer than 55 characters so the copies are not cropped on mobile devices or Instagram.
  2. Create different sizes for Facebook & Instagram, respectively 1200×628 & 1080×1080. You can find all the dimensions in Facebook’s guide: https://www.facebook.com/business/ads-guide/traffic/links/
  3. Keep your video under 15 seconds so it can run in all available video advertising placements on Facebook.Deliver the core of your video message in the 5 first seconds, and use subtitles to cater to mobile viewers.
  4. Use the carousel format to show different features, products collections, etc.
  5. Put only a short headline in the image banner to be under the 20% text guideline of Facebook, and to have your text readable on small mobile screens.

You can find the Chinese version of this article here: FACEBOOK 圖像、視頻及文案 – 5個重要提示


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