WORKSHOP QUESTIONS #3 – English version

On 18 December 2017, we organized our third Facebook Advertising Workshop at Uptown coworking space. Starting from today, we will share here the answers to questions that our audience asked us because our online readers might have the same ones!

You can find the Chinese version of this article here: 座談會來賓問題總結 #3 – 中文版

Background: the goal of the workshop was to provide tips on performing better audience targeting and guidelines creating effective ad banners and ad copies. Here are our tips for better Facebook targeting & creatives: FACEBOOK TOP 5 TIPS – Audience targeting


Question #1: What is the difference between Clickful App’s dashboard and Facebook Ads Manager?

Our Facebook Advertising platform was designed with small business owners in mind, who we know are constantly stretched for time. This is why our dashboard contains only tools essential for the daily management of your campaigns:

  • A simple-to-use graphics creator so you can create or update ad banners on the fly
  • Key insights into your campaigns’ 5 best-performing categories
  • Monitoring of optimisations executed (automatically!) by Clickful’s algorithms every few days.


Question #2: Is it possible to manage multiple accounts on Clickful?

Yes, it is possible to manage multiple ad accounts and Facebook pages on the Clickful App. We are looking forward to onboard users, like ad agencies, that will benefit from this feature.

Question #3: Will you have different banners for different industries?

At launch, we will have about 50 different banner styles to fit a broad scope of industries and different client needs. Here is a portfolio of banners we ran so far: FACEBOOK ADS BANNERS. Many of these styles will also be available on the Clickful app.

Question #4: How to target travellers coming soon to Hong Kong?

This is a challenge that we’ve identified for few of our clients in the travel industry. Here are our 2 main pieces of advice:

  1. Try layering on multiple interests, which helps refine and narrow the target audience. For instance: frequent traveller + interest in Hong Kong + interest in The Peak.
  2. Set a clear Key Performance Indicator (KPI) from the outset and then try a variety of different combinations of audiences. Because Facebook does not have the ability to know if someone is planning to travel soon to Hong Kong, this is like “fishing in the ocean”. If you are not meeting your KPI after a few days, target a new audience and repeat this process until you see an improvement.

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