FACEBOOK ADS BASICS – Creatives for SMEs (4/8)

In this 4th article of our educational series on Facebook Ads, we give recommendations on creative executions: ad copies, image, video, and carousel. The following tips serve as guidelines to help you easily and creatively showcase your product to your audience.

All the ads showed here are Clickful’s examples of Facebook Ads in Hong Kong.



New Project (1)

At most, ads are composed of the 4 elements in the image above. The 2 most important elements are the ad text and the call to action button because they are the only ones showing on all available platforms: Facebook Desktop, and Facebook Mobile, and Instagram. The least important element is the description: it only shows up on desktop only and most of Facebook users access the social platform on mobile.

1 – Ad Text
This is the #1 most important text element, you’ll convey your message here & test multiple angles to sell your product. We recommend testing different structures: question, description, WOW, “sale-sy,” pain point… We also recommend having no more than 2 sentences in order to prevent the text being cropped on Facebook Mobile or Instagram.

2 – Headline
The headline should be under 55 characters to fit on desktop & mobile. The message here should tell the reader what action you wish them to take, for instance, “buy now to get 10% off” or “order the perfect shirt today.”

3 – Description
Here you can add some details about your product or about your brand. Bare in mind that this element is only visible on Facebook desktop website.

4 – Call to action
You can choose among: send message, request time, see menu, sign up, watch more, shop now, apply now, book now, contact us, download, and learn more. Pick the one that is closer to the action the users can take after clicking.


  • The ads above needed to be shown on Facebook and Instagram, so we also created a square banner for the latter. Always follow Facebook’s recommended dimensions, as detailed in the Facebook Ads Guide.
  • Our data indicates that product photos tend to work better than lifestyle shots.
  • Make sure the banner does not contain too much text. Facebook penalises ads that violate its text composition rule (unofficially, no more than 20% of the image should be text). Try to only have your logo and a short headline in the image.
  • Only use good quality pictures (at least 1200px wide.)


Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 16.01.57

  • Have your video length between 5 and 15 seconds so your ad can be shown in all Facebook’s video ad placements, including the recent Facebook in-stream.
  • In order to increase the # of views of your video on Youtube, post it on your page first and then boost the post!
  • Add subtitles to your video so that you can catch the attention of people that do not want to activate the sound on their mobile device.


Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 16.33.25

  • Carousels are a great way to show off a product line, different functionalities of your product, or – like in the example here – different members of your team.
  • In a carousel, try to tell a short story using 3 to 6 images and an associated headline for each image.
  • Bear in mind that the dimensions of carousel images need to be square.

In our next upcoming article of the series “FACEBOOK ADS BASICS: Analysing performance for SMEs (5/8)“, we will give you tips on how to analyze the performance of your ad campaigns.

We’re always happy to chat! Contact us at team@clickfulapp.com for any questions or to get started with your next Facebook Ad Campaign.

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