Client: IRIS: Your Escape –
Industry: Entertainment

Objective: ticket sales


“IRIS: YOUR ESCAPE” was a tremendous success, driven by a precise Facebook Ads strategy to lead the customer acquisition and power the online ticket sales.

The structure was composed by 4 awareness audiences, 1 emails outreach portion, 1 Facebook lookalike tactic and 1 retargeting audience. The goal was to attract a lot of qualified leads in the website at a low price, and then use the retargeting audience to push the ticket sales with high frequency and convincing creatives.


The campaign achieved an overall HK$44 CPA and managed to sell over 4000 tickets within 3 weeks. Using this funnel-oriented strategy and Clickful’s Facebook algorithm, the Cost-Per-Acquisition went down by 29% and the daily ticket sales went up by 37%.


4000+ tickets sold. 

– 29% decrease of Cost-Per-Acquisition.

+ 37%  daily ticket sales.


Clickful Facebook Ads banner creation for IRIS: Your Escape.


Clickful’s team did a great job taking over our strategy, selling more tickets and being a key component in the success of our event!

Discover more Facebook success stories by Clickful.

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