FACEBOOK ADS BASICS – Ad Formats for SMEs (2/8)

In this second segment of our educational series on Facebook marketing for small businesses, we will cover the best Ad Formats to use for SMEs.

No website? No problem! Since Facebook understands how diverse the SME landscape is as far as business-type and digital savviness, they provide several types of ad formats to support different objectives. This includes Facebook Ads for businesses without a website, for physical store foot-traffic growth or for leads generation directly on Facebook, among others. We will cover the most interesting ones, starting with the standard Ad format.


1. Standard format: The one-size-fits-all ad.

This is the most common Ad Format on Facebook, it includes an upper text, a headline, a link description, a picture/banner and a Call-To-Action button. You’ll get this format by default in most of Facebook Objectives: the one-size-fits-all to drive traffic to your website, raise awareness or to get engagement.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 16.32.41

Tip: Write no more than 2 sentences for each text area, using an actual banner and not a simple picture. Additionally, adjust the call-to-action (CTA) button to the experience users will get once they land on your website.

2. Offer format: good old “couponing”.

With this format, people are exposed to an actual commercial offer, like “buy 2 get 1 free”, where they can save it in their Facebook phone app. We have seen this format being effective to drive foot traffic, using it as an incentive for the audience to take the extra step, literally, to go to the store. Below is an example of one of our advertisers that took advantage of this format.


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Tip: Create an attractive offer but stay away from the typical “10% off” to whoever shows up. Make sure your staff knows about the offer that you are running.

3. Leads format: emails/phone numbers without a website.

When your goal is to collect emails and phone numbers (leads generation) but you don’t have a website ready, then this format is your #1 option.
It is a 3-step ad, which starts with the Standard Format, then people that click are driven to an introduction step, and finally, they are presented with the form. See below for an example:


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Tip: Create an experience that is as simple as giving out your business card. State that you will contact the subscribers back as soon as possible and make sure to check Facebook Business Manager every day to collect the leads information.

 4. Orientation format: open the map, walk to my store.

With this powerful feature, people who click on the call-to-action button “Get Directions” will trigger Facebook to open the user’s map app on their phone. From there, they can get the route to your store. How convenient is that!


Tip: Let your potential customers know that your location is nearby and/or by close to a landmark or well-known location. Taking the extra step by giving a great incentive in the ad copy.

In the upcoming article “FACEBOOK ADS BASICS: Targeting for SMEs (3/8)“, we will give you our tips for creating the best audience targeting. Stay tuned!

We’re always happy to chat! Contact us at team@designjar.com for any questions & to get started with your next Facebook Ad Campaign.

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