Client: Wah King –
Industry: Retail
Objective: brand awareness, leads.


WahKing_logo_201407_cs4-02Wah King is an early customer of Designjar and they are the first to use our premium services.


The chance to work closely with Wah King for more than 3 months has been a terrific learning experience for both our team and the customer. We expanded the campaign to achieve several core needs of their business. This includes leads, the expansion of the fan base on Facebook and the need to support the launch of a new product line in Hong Kong – Polarmoss.


Thus far, we have achieved an 8x Return On Investment over a 3-month period for Wah King. We will continue to improve the campaign in the months to come.


HK$100,000+ sales directly related to the campaign. 

8x R.O.I. within 3 months.

3 different tactics combined. 

Designjar Facebook Ads banner creation for Wah King.


“Our 7 stores get more foot traffic, I have more visits on my website and the leads are great: I’m making a great Return On Investment with Designjar.”

See more customer success stories in our new 2017 brochure.

Contact us at to get your Facebook Ads in Asia with our experts. For your garden/landscaping needs, contact Wah King :

Or contact us here for your Facebook Advertising needs.

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