FACEBOOK ADS BASICS – Marketing Objectives for SMEs (1/8)

This is the first article of our 8 parts introductory series to Facebook marketing for small business owners. We will also help you pick the right direction for your Facebook campaign in Asia, or anywhere else on the planet but China.

Why is having a clear objective crucial? Because it gets you in the right mindset so that you start your campaign on the right footing and it puts your feet in your customer shoes. Your chosen objective will also determine the best ad format to use, the appropriate metrics as performance indicators and apply the correct optimisations.


1. Get people to know your brand or “awareness.”

The objective here is to expose your brand to potential customers. After defining your target, you will want to reach a maximum number of people and expose them at a high frequency to your brand message. Show them your beautiful products and why your customers should connect with your brand.

Metrics: reach, frequency, impressions.

This is the first step to take for every new company starting a Facebook campaign. You want to say to your target “I exist, I exist, I exist.”

2. Send more visitors to your website: “traffic acquisition.”

Your goal is now to get a maximum of people to visit your website. You will want to use different banners, text, and incentives in order to test the reaction of your target.

Metrics: link clicks, Click-Thru-Rate (CTR), quality of visits to your website (Do your visitors stay for long? Do they click around and interact with your products?).

Here you want your target to take the extra step to discover your website, and therefore the products & services you are offering. You want to say to your target “You’ve heard of me, now get to know me.”

Here is our latest case study on a traffic acquisition campaign: https://designjar-blog.com/2017/04/13/facebook-ads-asia-customer-success-stories-royalscandinavianfood-com/

3. Get more people to your physical store: “foot traffic.”

If you do not sell online, but in-store this should be your objective. For your target to take the effort to come to your boutique or bar you need to promote a seductive incentive (for example, a discount or special promotion) and make it as easy as possible for them to find you.

Metrics: offer redeems, get directions clicks, likes & reactions.

It is hard for consumers to plan on coming to a store they don’t know: be convincing! You want to say to your target “come on over, you’ll have a great time.”

 4. Increase your e-commerce sales, “conversion.”

This is the ultimate goal of any business and the most difficult of all objectives: it will not happen overnight! To do this, you first need to make sure your products are relevant to your target audience. Advanced strategies include retargeting, using your email database and tracking customers using the Facebook pixel. Show specific products, with price and a sense of urgency and novelty.

Metrics: sales.

It might take time but if your product fits your target, and if you are taking a step towards your customers, you’ll be able to sell on Facebook! You want to say to your target “We both know you want what we’ve got on offer.”

Here is our latest case study on a sales Facebook campaign: https://designjar-blog.com/2017/04/13/customer-success-stories-simsimhk-com/ 

In the next article “FACEBOOK ADS BASICS: Ad Formats for SMEs (2/8)“, we will cover how your objective translates into an actual Facebook Advertising format.

We’re always happy to chat! Contact us at team@designjar.com for any questions & to get started with your next Facebook Ad Campaign.

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